Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Criminal, former Buttonman

Affiliations: Formerly Buttonmen, Skulls gang

Enemies: Raven, Kamron, Tober, Spear, Rackman, Hogan, Shrap, Brayd, Teco, Ramrod gang, Wildman, Devils gang

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Bader City

First Appearance: 2000 A.D. Prog 468 (IPC, 3rd May 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Uses a voice controlled flying "skimmer" for transportation. Wields a double-barreled gun, and excellent all-round fighter.

History: Bader City was an experiment in space colonization, a domed, self-contained environment designed by Supreme Engineer Bader and built into the bedrock of an asteroid. As violence became more prevalent in the city's lower, underground levels, where the "Class B" citizens who formed 98% of the population lived, the city's worst criminals were captured and brainwashed using neural implants into becoming Buttonmen; ostensibly a police force, they were also used against anyone who dissented against the city's city council.

Possibly the worst scummer the city had ever produced, Dirty Blue led the Skulls gang, until he was captured by robot "J-fish" peacekeepers during a rumble against Wildman, leader of the rival Ramrods; for the next five orbs (presumably the asteroid's year) he was a Buttonman. However, as time passed it became clear to Bader that living in space was straining the sanity of all of the residents; while the Class Bs were descending into barbarism, Class As were suffering from rising suicide levels, space-sickness and a general malaise. He begged the city's council to discontinue the experiment, but initially they ignored him, until the problem became too large to dispute. With the experiment having run 40 orbs, the city council evacuated the Class As to a nearby planetary colony, setting Bader City on course to hit a black hole's event horizon, and leaving the rest of the population to die. With the Buttonmen controlled by robotic supervisors Blue's conditioning began to weaken and, noticing the lack of maintenance, he investigated the abandoned upper levels and discovered the truth. Fleeing Buttonmen sent to eliminate him, he encountered Bader, who had remained behind with his daughter Tamil in the arboreal "Jungdome"; the engineer removed Blue's implant, restoring his original, less civilized persona, and asked him to make the dangerous trip through the city to reactivate the city's engines and save it from the black hole. However, though Blue completed the mission, the city was already too close to the hole, and the engines failed to push it free. Blue decided to use whatever time was left to make himself the city's chief-boss, and soon after the asteroid was destroyed as it hit the hole's event horizon.

Comments: Created by Alan Grant and Robin Smith.

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