Real Name: Blook Protonplof (Family name never given, but father is Professor Protonplof)

Identity/Class: Human Mutate (swallowed supermolecule)

Occupation: Sweeper (and cook)

Affiliations: The Ruimte Reiniger ("Space Sweeper", friend).

Enemies: Except for the Robots from Rigel, hard to say. He often stops the evil schemes of his father without personal animosity.

Known Relatives: Professor Protonplof.

Aliases: Superblook

Base of Operations: Protonplof’s Laboratory, in a republic on the planet Earth

First Appearance: Pep 37 (1969)

Powers/Abilities: Blook got his powers by swallowing a “Supermolecule”. That gave him the power to transform by will from a normal teenage bloke into a superbloke and back. His “powerless” form seems still pretty strong (similar to Captain America or Spiderman) and his senses have been improved too (stopped wearing glasses), but his speed and vulnerability are normal. As “Superblook” he can fly, has superstrength and superspeed and is almost completely invulnerable (cannonballs do tickle him, but heat strong enough to melt a tank doesn't make him sweat.) A remarkable power is his super-instinct, which guides him if he’s searching for something or somebody (even in an area as large as interplanetary space). He has superhearing and can yell superloud. He can function in space without any equipment.

He has the following weakness: his father can trigger the transformation to his powerless form, but this doesn’t work in a direct confrontation between Blook and his father; he does not have his powers in his superblook-shape under complete control and he isn’t very smart..

History: Professor Protonplof, a great scientist, with secret ambitions to conquer the world, invented the Supermolecule, a little ball with huge possibilities. Dimwitted son Blook mistook it for candy, swallowed it and changed into Superblook. A second attempt to make a Supermolecule failed; instead a large diamond was created, which Protonplof threw in the face of criminal boss, Nap the Killer. Protonplof and Nap the killer and his gang teamed up to gather by criminal means the gold needed for a third attempt to create a Supermolecule. As this creation in the open field had some nasty side effects, Blook threw the second Supermolecule into space.

Protonplof decided to tell Blook that the molecule was a danger to astronauts and that therefore the molecule had to be returned to his hands for safe keeping. Blook changed into Superblook, flew into space, and was guided by his instinct to the space station of the Space Sweeper. After Blook’s prevention of the accidental destruction of the station, the Space Sweeper offered to let Blook take care of the removal of the supermolecule from the Solar System, as he was used to dealing with dangerous garbage. Protonplof decided to build a spaceship to visit the Space Sweeper when he heard this. When Blook noticed the professor and Nap and their gang, he helped his friend to throw the bad guys off the station and returned home.

Blook encountered the Zwelps from the planet Zweldra when he had to save his father from them. This was the first example of Blook’s ability to travel interstellar distances. After this he met the Melodiots, who were very sensitive to noise.

A robot from Rigel invaded the Earth to tranform it into another planet populated by intelligent machines. Blook prevented this, and destroyed the entire mechanical civilization on its homeworld, then cleaned the scrapmetal of the entire planet in a few minutes. This was followed by a short adventure with a professional boxer, before the SF-adventures of Blook took another direction, into time, after a fight with a Neanderthal. Blook followed his father to the year A.D. 50,000 where he fought giant wasps, superstrong cavemen, brains without a somatic body, and mud monsters, then finally prevented by accident his father's conquest of the world in 1974.

In his last published adventure Blook met Space Pirates and fought and befriended monsters on a jungle planet. There were fragments of an unpublished adventure, “Blook saved by the Light” (De Ruimte piraten, Blook gered door het licht), in which it seemed that Blook had to fight an alien space armada and could offer his friend the Space Sweeper a Supermolecule to acquire the same powers he has.

Comments: Blook was created by John Bakker as a superhero parody.

Profile by Theodoor Westerhof.


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