Real Name: Darryl Walker

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Inventor

Affiliations: Kimberley Jonz (reporter and love interest, played by Robin Givens); The Other Guy (his brother Kevin, sidekick)

Enemies: Michael Minelli (mobster, played by Jon Polito)

Known Relatives: Grandma Walker (played by Lynne Thigpen, grandmother, deceased), Kevin Walker (played by David Alan Grier, older brother)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Metro City, Illinois

First Appearance: Blankman (Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.; August 19th, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Darryl has a nack for invention. Amongst his inventions are: a liquid which makes clothe exposed to it bulletproof, crime-fighting robots made out of household appliances, and a boomerang-like weapon made out of an orthopedic shoe.

History: Darryl Walker was a brilliant but geeky inventor who had a superhero fixation. His brother Kevin had become a news cameraman, but Darryl still lived with their grandmother. Metro City, where they lived, was undergoing a crime wave, and one day Grandma Walker became its latest victim, killed by mob boss Michael Minelli while the latter was trying to influence a mayoral election. After stopping a mugging on a spur of the moment decision, Darryl was spurred into action, making a costume out of red thermal underwear, specially treated to make it bulletproof, adding his grandmother's housecoat as a cape and various inventions to his utility belt, before setting out to fight crime. Armed with household items he had turned into crime-fighting gadgets, he nearly died in his first crimefighting attempt, stopping a pimp beating up a prostitute; having learned that bullets to the chest couldn't harm the would-be hero, the pimp was about to shoot Darryl in the head when his brother Kevin intervened, using his martial arts skills to disarm the mugger, then forcing Darryl to flee. Kevin decided Darryl has gone crazy, taking him to a psychiatrist, but this failed when Darryl denied his escapades in order to protect his secret identity. After he delivers a baby in a stuck elevator the new superhero is confronted by the press, who ask him his name, he becomes tongue-tied, and his brother Kevin comments that he "has gone blank, man", inadvertantly christening him.

Kevin's boss, reporter Kimberley Jonz (on whom Kevin has a crush) wants to interview Blankman, and Kevin, keen to impress, agrees to set it up. Blankman takes the reporter to his secret hideout in an abandoned train station, where they begin to fall in love.  However things go badly wrong a little later, when the Mayor is kidnapped during a ceremony aimed at honouring Blankman. Mobster Michael Minelli uses the politician as a hostage during a bank robbery, and although Blankman manages to avert the crime, he is unable to disarm a bomb placed by the crook. The bank is destroyed and the mayor killed in the explosion.

Darryl quits as Blankman, and goes to work in a fast food joint, but comes out of retirement when Minelli, seeking revenge, takes Jonz hostage and threatens to blow up an office building. Teaming up with his brother Kevin (now disguised as his sidekick, The Other Guy), the two heroes succeed in saving the hostages and disarming the bomb. They then track Minelli down and capture him.

Comments: Created and played by Damon Wayons

Blankman is based on another Wayans creation, the Handi-Man, a handicapped hero created for the TV comedy series "In Living Color".


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