Real Name: John Blackstar

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Astronaut, mercenary, freedom fighter

Affiliations: Trobbits, Mara the Sorceress, Storm the Amazon, Klone the Shapeshifter, Warlock the dragon

Enemies: The Overlord

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Sagar, a planet on the far side of Black Hole

First Appearance: Blackstar #1 "City Of The Ancient Ones" (Filmation for CBS, September 12, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: Good fighter. Armed with the Star Sword, an artifact with unspecified powers. Often flew into battle on the back of Warlock, a gigantic dragon.

History: After astronaut John Blackstar was sucked through a black hole into an alternate dimension, he found his way to the planet Sagar. There the interstellar mercenary discovered a world fighting the evil plans of the Overlord, who sought to conquer all of Sagar. Blackstar gained possession of the Star Sword, a mystic weapon and component of the Power Star, a weapon deemed more powerful than any other in the universe. Unfortunately the other component, the Power Sword, was in the clutches of the Overlord. For Sagar to remain free, Blackstar had to stop the Overlord from getting hold of the Star Sword, no matter what it took to do so.

Comments: Voiced by George Dicenzo. The character of Blackstar was originally intended to be black, but CBS shied away from this at the last minute, and the character was modified to be caucasian. The show lasted a single season of thirteen episodes:

  1. City Of The Ancient Ones

  2. Search For The Starsword

  3. The Lord Of Time

  4. The Mermaid Of Serpent Sea

  5. The Quest

  6. Space Wrecked

  7. Lightning City Of The Clouds

  8. Kingdom Of Neptul

  9. Tree Of Evil

  10. The Air Whales Of Anchar

  11. Overlord's Big Spell

  12. Crown Of The Sorceress

  13. The Zombie Monster

The series tied in with a short-lived line of toys.

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