Chodenshi Bioman (Super Electron Bioman)

Membership: Red One, Green Two, Blue Three, Yellow Four (second person to use that identity), Pink Five; former Yellow Four (original, deceased)

Purpose: To defend the Earth, primarily from Doctorman and his henchmen.

Affiliations: Peebo, Junichi Kageyama, Shouta Yamamori, Miki, Professor Shibata, Bio Hunter Silver

Enemies: Neo Empire Gear, Doctorman, Big Three (Meison, Farrah, Monster), Beastnoids, Farrahcat, Mechagigans, Prince; formerly Bio Hunter Silver

Base of Operations: Japan

First Appearance: Chodenshi Bioman (Toei, January 4th 1984)

History: Five hundred years ago an alien robot named Peebo arrived on Earth aboard the Bio Robo Spaceship, his landing in Japan accidentally (?) irradiating several human witnesses with "Bioenergy". His mission was to be a guardian to the planet. In modern times, when the evil cyborg Doctorman and his villainous allies threatened the peace of the world, Peebo gathered the descendants of the irradiated witnesses, giving them "technobraces" designed to unlock the energies contained within their bodies, and transform them into Biomen. Though shaken by the death of one of their number early on, killed saving the others from an Anti-bioparticle blast, the team continued to battle to protect the Earth from any and all attacks.

Comments: This Super Sentai series lasted 51 episodes.

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