Bheriya and Cobi

Real Name: Cobi

Identity/Class: Human / wolfman hybrid

Occupation: Protector of the wilderness

Affiliations: Jane; Guru Bhatiki; Fuzobaba; Garuda; Hanu

Enemies: Kritya; Elphanto; Dhaundhar; Tuntunna; Mungambo; Kaigula

Known Relatives: Wolfa (father); Jane (wife)

Aliases: The Wolf Man; Bheriya; Cobi

Base of Operations: Assam

First Appearance: Raj Comics

Powers/Abilities: Bheria could lengthen his tail to any length, using it as a weapon. He could also summon a deadly mace to use in combat. Following the split, the wolven Cobi retains these powers.

History: More than fifty thousand years ago there existed a kingdom of intelligent wolfmen, led by a king wolf. This king took a fancy to a human girl, and tried to trick her into matrimony. The resulting liason spawned a child, Cobi, but the girl eventually saw through the deception, and left the king and her son, to marry another. When Cobi reached adulthood, he and his father set out to reclaim his mother, but she raged at his audacity and cursed him, transforming him into a gold statue. After fifty millennia the curse lifted, and Cobi found himself in a jungle in Assam. He began a new life as Bheria, protector of that wilderness, being worshipped by the natives as a god, but eventually the struggle between his heroic human side and his animal side became too much, and he literally split into two - the human looking Bheriya, and the wolf-like Cobi. Both remain sympathetic to one another, and injury to one is copied on the other.

Comments: Thanks to Krishna Anand for both informing me of this character, and providing additional information about him.


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