Real Name: Barry Hubris

Identity/Class: Human technology user



Enemies: The Tick, the Terror

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Tick, the Louse, Cheese Wizard, the Littlest Girl Scout, the Beachnik, the Whirling Scottish Dervish

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: The Tick

Powers/Abilities: Barry carries a shield in the shape of a bloated orange tick. It has the ability to spray nitric acid. The shield's main function is its super-crushing power. It has a kinetic generator built in that can increase Barry's strength enough to pin a superhumanly strong hero to the wall or squash rocks. Barry also likes to drive around on his giant jet powered motorcycle leaving a streak of flames behind him.

History: Barry Hubris always wanted to be a superhero, largely because he was a bully who enjoyed picking fights. He created the persona of the Tick, and was somewhat upset to discover some time later that another hero later adopted the same name. Barry immediately sought out the new contender and challenged him to a fight for the right to use the name...and lost, thus permanently abandoning the name, as well as all the equipment and the costume that went with it. When the new Tick moved into his Tick Cave, Barry lost the plot completely, and decided that if he couldn't wear his costume, he wouldn't wear anything. After a period of wandering around naked, he is now under psychiatric care.

Comments: Voiced by Jim Cummings in the cartoon series.


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