Real Name: Azure

Identity/Class: Genetically altered human clone


Affiliations: Rogue, Bagman, Gunnar, Helm


Known Relatives:


Base of Operations: Milli-Com, in orbit above Nu-Earth

First Appearance: "Rogue Trooper," 2000A.D. Prog 401 (I.P.C., 19th January 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Azure, like all G.I.s, is stronger than a normal humand and far more durable, being immune to all known poisons and diseases.

History: Azure was a G.I., a genetic infantryman (or in this case woman) grown by Souther scientists to survive the hazardous conditions on the planet Nu-Earth. There years of war with the Norts had covered the planet with a poisonous atmosphere, and turned the sea to acid. G.I.'s were designed to survive those conditions without the need for cumbersome protective suits. The female G.I's stayed on Milli-Com, the Souther command satellite, while the males were sent into combat. But the G.I.'s were betrayed and all but wiped out; only one survived, and he went Rogue.

When the Rogue returned to Milli-Com he found an ally in Azure.



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