Real Name: Attila

Identity/Class: Canine, imbued with sentience and the power of speech though deliberate mutation.

Occupation: Secret agent of the Swiss government

Affiliations: Bourrillon (his controller); Z14 (another speaking dog)

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Switzerland

First Appearance: Spirou #1531

Powers/Abilities: None, other than the ability to reason and speak.

History: Attila was selected from amongst thousands of other dogs by the Swiss Army, and underwent a series of processes which gave him human level intellect and the ability to speak. Trained to read and write five languages, he was intended to work as an undetectable secret agent under the supervision of Bourrillon, although he proved to be extremely undisciplined.

Comments: Created, written and drawn by Swiss artist Derib.

Thanks to Gérard Courtial for informing me of the existence of this character, and the image on the right. Thanks to Vesa Lehtinen for additional information - I had stated that Attila spoke four languages, beyond Swiss, and he noted "There is no such thing as Swiss language. People of Switzerland speak Retoromany and Swiss dialects of German, French and Italian, depending on the cantons they have been born. If Attila is proficient of all these four languages, he may be more fluent than some Swiss humans but that would allow him to communicate with most of the Central Europe."

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