Atomic Mouse

Real Name: Cimota Mouse

Identity/Class: Anthropomorphic mouse

Occupation: Superhero;
   former slave/magician's assistant

Affiliations: Professor Invento

Enemies: Count Gatto, Shadow

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mouseville

First Appearance: Atomic Mouse #1 (Charlton Comics, March 1953)

Powers/Abilities: Able to fly, superhuman strength and durability.

History: Cimota Mouse was the prisoner and unwilling assistant of the evil magician Count Gatto, forced to participate in his stage shows and then chained up the rest of the time. Discovering spells to change a subject's size, Gatto decided to make Cimota giant during their performances, then shrink him back down before Cimota got any ideas about breaking free. However Gatto sneezed while shrinking Cimota and so inadvertently let Cimota get too small. Stopping at the size of atoms, Cimota became too tiny for Gatto to see, but in this strange new subatomic world Cimota was befriended by the Might Atoms, literally sentient subatomic particles. They supplied him with a costume and U-235 pills which not only restored him to his normal size but also granted him superpowers, turning him into Atomic Mouse.

Comments: Created by Al Fago.


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