Real Name: Ralph Payne




Enemies: Dr. Sheldon

Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance:

Powers/Abilities: Skilled archer

History: "As a young man growing up in Texas, Rick Parker was an avid hunter. His weapon of choice was the bow and arrow -- feeling that this represented the greatest challenge and gave the prey the fairest chance. Following a stint with the military, Rick was recruited into one of the intelligence branches of the US Government and assigned to duty in a small, struggling Latin American country caught in the throes of civil war. While there, he bore helpless witness to the massacre of an entire village by the modernized forces loyal to that country's government. He also learned the country was being funded by US government dollars. Sickened by what he learned Rick resigned and was inspired to use his own skills to fight for justice. Again turning to the bow, he adopted the identity of The Arrow -- and this time became a hunter of men." - Protectors Handbook

Comments: An updated version of the Golden Age hero.


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