Armada Man

Real Name: Armada Man

Identity/Class: Robot (later robot bonded with extra-terrestrial)

Occupation: Superhero

Affiliations: Canadian Liberty League

Enemies: Fogg

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Hidden base in the Laurentian Mountains

First Appearance: Canadian Liberty League #1 (Viking Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Unknown - superhuman strength and resistance to damage seem likely.

History: Armada Man was a robot built by the Canadian Liberty League to use as a weapon against their recurring opponent, the Fogg. Earning the team's respect, he was soon given full membership in the team. Later on in his career, a dying alien merged it's life force with Armada Man, turning the two into one Unaging, he remains a member of the League.

Comments: Created by Tyrone Biljan. Images and characters are ™ and © 1999 to him.


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