Real Name: Peter Van Den Hook

Identity/Class: Human technology user




Known Relatives:

Aliases: Atom Smasher

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Hero Alliance: End of the Golden Age (Pied Piper)

Powers/Abilities: Argent wears a malleable suit of powered armour.

History: As Atom Smasher, Peter Van Den Hook was once a young supervillain who worked as part of Dr. Satan's gang. He accidentally crippled the hero Hover during a battle, shattering the man' spine, before being captured. When unmasked he proved to be a minor, and so was given a relatively light sentence. But his guilt gnawed at him in jail, and when he was released, he created a new costumed identity, Argent, a hero, hoping to redeem his crimes. Fuller profile to follow.



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