Real Name: Donnah Hannah

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Adventurer

Affiliations: League of Champions


Known Relatives: Dr. Arcane (grandfather), Andrea Crusoe (Black Enchantress, aunt)

Aliases: Transpower; Lady Arcane; (game only) Coriolis

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Coreolis Effect

History: Arcane is the granddaughter of World War II hero and supersorceror Doctor Arcane. As an infant she was kidnapped by her grandfather's enemy, the extradimensional sorceress Ch'andarra, who also killed her parents. Her grandfather rescued her, but had to make compromises with his foe to do so (which would later result in the birth of her aunt, Andrea Crusoe, a.k.a. the Black Enchantress.) Donnah grew up in her grandfather's care, but because of what happened she resisted using her natural ability to manipulate magical forces for many years.

Donnah joined the League of Champions some years ago, when she was a teenager, under the name "Transpower." This was long before she started learning magic. As Transpower, she utilized her natural ability to harness and manipulate all forms of released energy. The Huntsman was the only other member of the team who knew who Transpower's true identity--a secret he continues to keep to himself.

Transpower was the first member of the League of Champions to be expelled from the team, as a consequence of what was perceived as the premeditated killing of a gunman who'd been holding several children hostage. Years later this history would form the underlying reason why Donnah was so reluctant to accept invitations to join the team as Lady Arcane.

Eventually she had to accept that her heritage and the time she had spent in another dimension had made her a living source of mystic energy, and that if she did not learn to control it properly, it would inevitably end in disaster. Friends with Flare and the Champions, she took on a heroic identity (either Lady Arcane or just plain Arcane, as the mood takes her). Strictly speaking Lady Arcane is not a member of the team (although I've placed in it on the main Hero Comics page), but rather an associate of them.

Powers/Abilities: Arcane is a powerful sorceress, but she is largely untrained.

Donna Hannah as CoriolisComments: Thanks to Dennis Mallonee for the information about Donnah's original stint as a costumed hero, and her prior membership of the League of Champions.

Donnah first appeared in the Champions RPG module The Coriolis Effect, where she was transformed into the air elemental Coriolis. Her background was otherwise pretty much identical. When she was used in the Champions comic this version of her was ignored in favour of making her a magician like her grandfather.

It is heavily implied that Donnah is bi-sexual, and has a crush on Flare. Her aunt, the Black Enchantress (who by dint of her bizarre history is younger than her niece) has a sexual interest in Donnah in turn, which disturbs her.


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