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First Appearance: Protectors #1 (Malibu, September 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Able to fire bolts of electricity.

History: Arc is the youngest member of the Protectors. As a teenager, she idolized the costumed supranormal Aura in the way that her friends felt towards rock stars. She was therefore delighted when, at the age of 16, she spontaneously developed the ability to project bolts of electrical energy.

Ecstatic over this development, she immediately plunged into the life of the supranormal hero... without the consent or knowledge of her family. She quickly gained a reputation for her spunky, gregarious nature, but she was also perceived as being prone to recklessness.

Comments: Originally intended to be called Blaze, the character was renamed to avoid confusion with the Marvel character Johnny Blaze, who was then starring in his own series, Ghost Rider & Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance.


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