Apache Kid

Real Name: Alan Krandal

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Saddle tramp and scout

Affiliations: Nightwind (his horse. a.k.a. Careless), White Swan (his sweetheart, Red Hawk's neice), Bill Gregory (Captain of local fort)

Enemies: Anyone who threatens the peace of the west

Known Relatives: Red Hawk (foster father), Rosa (wife)

Aliases: Aloysius Kane, Dazii

Base of Operations: Western United States, c.1870

First Appearance: Two-Gun Western I #5 (Timely Comics, November 1950)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled fighter and tracker. Good horseman.

History: (Two-Gun Western I #5-14, Apache Kid #1-19, Wild Western #15-22, #39, Western Gunfighters #2-33, g.a.) Raised by the Apache chief Red Hawk as if he was his own son, Alan Krandal grew up skilled in the ways of his adopted people. As an adult, he left the Apache and assumed the identity of Aloysius Kare, an itinerant cowboy. Whenever anything threatened his homeland, be it white men, Apaches, or anyone else, Alan would put on war paint and assume the identity of the Apache Kid, bringing peace back to the west.

(Apache Skies #1, 2) The Apache Kid was finally killed by a man called Billy Tyler. Rosa, his widow, became the new Apache Kid in order to avenge him.

Comments: After vanishing into comics obscurity for over fifty years, the Apache Kid's fate was finally recounted in Apache Skies, a 2004 Marvel mini-series.

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