Real Name: Anthony Gonsalvez

Identity/Class: Revenant

Occupation: Seeking justice; (while alive) musician

Affiliations: Prince (Crow), Venu, Saja (Venu's spirit form, she summons Anthony's spirit to enter his dead body), Commissioner Itihas (friend)

Enemies: Amanush; Bhanja; Bhairav Nath; Kala Doctor; Professor Jaandaal

Known Relatives: Julia (widow); Maria (daughter), King (grandson, he is Anthony reincarnated)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: India

First Appearance: Raj Comics

Powers/Abilities: He cannot be hurt as he is already dead. His blows are invariably deadly.He can sail through the air like a spirit. He can also employ cold fire to burn his enemies.

History: After musician Anthony Gonsalvez was tortured to death by his rivals, who sought to steal his music, his pet crow Prince sat on his gravestone mourning him, and called his spirit back to avenge his death. Now he continues to arise whenever Prince senses injustice forced on innocents by the violence of criminals.

Comments: Thanks to Krishna Anand for both informing me of this character, and providing additional information about him.


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