American Flagg

Real Name: Reuben Flagg

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Ranger, former video star and pop singer

Affiliations: Raul, Luther Ironheart, Gretchen Holstrum

Enemies: The Plex, the ASLC (American Survivalist Labor Committee)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Mark Thrust

Base of Operations: Chicago Plexmall, formerly Mars

First Appearance: American Flagg! (First Comics, October 1983)

Powers/Abilities: Good fighter.

History: Civilisation as we know it collapsed just over a decade in the future (the year 1996), with widescale nuclear conflict, plagues, rioting, and the spread of religious fundamentalism. In the wake of these disasters corporate heads and the U.S. government fled to the relative safety of Mars, where they watched things develop. By 2031 things had stabilised somewhat, though life on Earth remained chaotic and dangerous, and the rulers (now known as The Plex) remained on the red planet. What law there was on the homeworld was enforced by paramilitary groups such as the Plexus Rangers.

Born and raised on Mars, Reuben Flagg had made his living as an actor, playing the part of Mark Thrust, Sexus Ranger, a star on Earth, Mars and Luna. Advances in holographic technology allowed his employers to ditch their hedonistic and troublesome leading man, replacing him with a computer-generated replica. Now out of work, Flagg was forced to join the Plexus Rangers and stationed on Earth, becoming one of the protectors of the Chicago Plexmall. Partnered with Raul, a talking cat, and Luther Ironheart, a robot, he did his best to protect the American way of life...what was left of it. Flagg used his former star status to sleep with many women, but his main girlfriends were Gretchen Holstrum, the hostess of the Plexmall's Love Canal, and Amanda Krieger, the daughter of the chief of police.

Comments: Created by Howard Chaykin.

The original series ran for fifty issues, of which Chaykin was involved for the first twenty-seven. It was then relaunched as "Howard Chaykin's American Flagg", which lasted twelve issues. Issues #7 through 9 of the original series were collected as a Graphic Novel, American Flagg: State of the Union. There were two original Graphic Novels, American Flagg: Hard Times and American Flagg: Southern Comfort. There was also one American Flagg Special.

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