Real Name: Amanda

Identity/Class: Immortal human

Occupation: Thief

Affiliations: Duncan MacLeod; Joe Dawson; Methos; Rebecca Horne; Nick Wolfe; Cory Raines; Father Liam Riley

former Zachary Blaine, Kenny

Enemies: Luther, Zachary Blaine

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Amanda Darieux; Amanda Raven

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Highlander: The Series #1.18 "The Lady and the Tiger" (syndicated, 23 April 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Amanda is an immortal, capable of healing virtually any wound (except those to the throat) in minutes. Even if a wound is instantly fatal, she will come back to life a short while later. The only way to permanently end her life is to decapitate her. This leads to Immortals having massive sword (and axe) fights with one another. Certain rules have evolved over the millennia: the fights must only be between two Immortals - third parties cannot interfere once battle is joined; and no Immortal can fight on Holy Ground. Like other Immortals, she doesn't age.

Amanda can also sense the presence of other immortals, although she only gets a vague sense of their proximity, not where or who they are. When she kills other immortals through decapitation, she receives their life essence in the form of a "Quickening", a sort of electrical light show. Centuries of practice have made her an adept swordswoman.

History: More than a thousand years ago Amanda was a petty thief in Europe, until she died and came back to life. She was found by Rebecca, who explained to her that she was an Immortal, unable to die from natural means. Rebecca, equally immortal, taught Amanda what she would need to know to survive, when you didn't age, had to hide among mortals who might envy or fear you, and had to be prepared to face other Immortals who wished to take your head, and thus give you the final death. After several years together, Amanda struck out on her own, although she and Rebecca would reunite several times over the centuries that followed.

Roughly a century later Amanda became the mentor, when she discovered Kenneth, a ten year old who had recently died. He would be condemned to never grow any older, and to be the prey of stronger Immortals, but for Amanda he was like the child she could never have. She taught him to use guile and cunning to make up for his lack of physical strength.

In the 1500s Amanda and Rebecca were travelling together when they first met a relatively young Immortal, Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander. Although she didn't know it, Duncan was to be one of the most important people in her life, and over the centuries they would grow to have strong feelings for him. However their first meeting set the tone for their relationship, when she stole his money from him.

Through the centuries Amanda lived by larceny, enjoying the excitement of being a thief more than actually needing the money. She would run into Duncan from time to time, usually they would sleep together, then she would run off having either robbed him, or left him to face the blame for her stealing from someone else. In the 1920s she enjoyed a spree of bank robberies with fellow Immortal Cory Raines, racing across America stealing and dying in shoot-outs with the cops, then being dug from their graves by an annoyed Duncan, only to force him to dig them out again a few months later when the two crooks repeated the whole escapade.

It wasn't until the 1990s that Amanda showed any sign of a moral maturation, when she began to consider giving up crime. She teamed up with a detective and pre-Immortal called Nick Wolfe, and the two formed a partnership, enjoying a number of adventures together. She was last seen becoming his mentor after he suffered his first death and discovered he was Immortal.

Comments: Played by Elizabeth Gracen.


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