Altar Boy

Real Name: Brian Kinney

Identity/Class: Normal human




Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Astro City

Powers/Abilities: Skilled fighter and excellent acrobat.

History: Altar Boy's father had been a small town doctor who had died in poverty, his sacrifices for the local community unnoticed. Determined not to have a similar fate, his son moved to Astro City, where he hoped his athletic skills and fighting ability would allow him to become a superhero's sidekick, and perhaps one day, a superhero in his own right. He landed himself a job in a private club whose patrons were superheroes in their civilian identities. When a supervillain crashed the club and tried to use him as a hostage, he defeated the crook before any of the gathered heroes had the opportunity to do so.

This impressive display of potential drew the attention of the Confessor, one of the city's dark avenger of the night-types, who took him on as his sidekick, Altar Boy (a name he accepted with much chagrin). He trained with the hero for several months, gradually learning the craft of being a hero and a detective, until the Confessor died thwarting an alien invasion. Altar Boy, having learned that being a hero was not about public adoration but about sacrifice, went away for a year to train, and then returned to Astro City as the new Confessor.

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Comments: Created by Kurt Busiek.


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