Albert Destine

Real Name: Albert Destine

Identity/Class: Human magical mutant

Occupation: Monk

Affiliations: Seventh Moon Monks, Clan Destine

Enemies: Tral

Known Relatives: Adam (father), Elalyth (mother), Dominic, Nathaniel, Newton, Rory, Walter, Will, Garth, Lance, Maurice, Sherlock, Thaddeus, Vincent (brothers), Gracie, Kay, Pandora, Samantha, Florence (sisters), other unidentified siblings

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Seventh Moon Monastery, Nepal

First Appearance: Clandestine #1 (Marvel, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Albert Destine has precognition and telepathy. He can also heal injuries. He is extremely long lived, aging only very slowly.

Young AlbertHistory: Albert Destine was born in the mid-14th century, the son of Adam Destine and genie-like entity Elayth. Like his elder siblings Kay and Thaddeus, and younger siblings to come, he possessed superhuman powers, in his case psychic abilities and the power to heal. Still a young man, he tried and painfully failed to stem the Black Death's inevitable spread across Europe, and emotionally broken, was taken to heal at Tibet's Shalu Monastery by his father and brother. En route they were attacked by the rogue Inhuman Tral and his mind-controlled "zombie" slaves, but when Thaddeus was slain in the fight, an enraged Albert turned his healing powers into reverse and killed Tral, an act which would haunt him into the modern day. Studying mystical techniques and embracing spirituality, he became a monk and developed his healing power, which by the modern day could restore individuals even from half a planet away.

Comments: Created by Alan Davis.


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