Ace of Diamonds

Real Name: Danika Nolan

Identity/Class: Human, possible mutant (psionic powers)

Occupation: Vegas Showgirl

Affiliations: Silver Spyder, Bloodlust, Shadow Sector

Enemies: Psythe, The Russian Mob

Known Relatives: Robert Nolan (adoptive father)

Aliases: Dani

Base of Operations: Las Vegas, NV

First Appearance: Heroic Tales issue #3 (Lone Star Press, October 1997)

Powers/Abilities: Danika is a trained gymnast and dancer. She also has latent martial arts training that reflexivly surfaces in times of stress. Her powers are psychokinetic, enabling her to focus psionic energy into diamond hard shapes that can be used as shields or hurled as razor sharp projectiles.

History: Danika Nolan was the adopted daughter of Robert Nolan, a CIA agent. Danika herself grew up an "army brat", travelling from one place to the next as her father's job moved him around the world. When she was fourteen she witnessed her father being attacked by men dressed as ninjas, and her powers manifested, allowing her to save him.

As an adult, Danika became a Las Vegas showgirl, working out of a casino. When she was attacked by four men intent on raping her, her powers surfaced again, though in truth it was her martial arts skill that drove them off. Some time later, the monsterous Leon DeVry attempted to steal her powers, and once more her abilities came to the fore. This time she was saved by the vampire NSA agent Bloodlust.

Comments: Created by Glenn Porzig. Many thanks to Glenn for providing much of the information listed in this profile.

Ace of Diamonds appeared in issues #3 and #5 of Heroic Tales before being published in her own title which ran issues 0-3. Though Ace of Diamonds, Silver Spyder and Bloodlust all made their first appearances in titles published by Lone Star Press, they were not a part of the Lone Star Universe, and there were no character crossovers with the other Lonestar titles.


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